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Batty Flowers by Will Eskridge - 500 piece jigsaw puzzle

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Will Eskridge grew up with a veterinarian as a father and an artist as a mother. He shares that, “having a father as a veterinarian instilled in me a deep affinity for animals. All the animal companions we took in were rejects from Dad’s practice whom clients had left behind. Helping out at my father’s practice gave me direct behind-the-scenes access into the lives of animals on a daily basis.”

Eskridge says that it’s hard to pinpoint an exact time, but when he was very young he slowly realized that animals were not all that different than humans. “Time and time again I saw various cats and dogs expressing emotion and feeling beyond basic instinct. Witnessing both happy moments and not so happy moments between owners and pets made me realize the massive impact animals have on humans and vice versa. Some call it energy. Some call it spirit. But we can all agree that there is something connecting us all. To paraphrase: We are not animal beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having an animal experience.”

The painting, Batty Flowers, is a celebration of the symbiotic nature of our world. It explores the notion that we are all beautiful and vital no matter what we may look like nor what fear has been perceived. The juxtaposition of the maligned and often feared bat takes flight amongst a beautiful bouquet of flowers presenting a titillating duality: one subject an outcast, the other subject beloved and adored. Ironically, many bats are top and even exclusive pollinators for more than 500 species of flowering plants. Among these plants are the agave, balsa trees (the world’s lightest timber), bananas, and mangoes. Batty Flowers invites you to strip away your preconceived fears and to reach out to the misunderstood. Bats are just as beautiful as flowers.

Will Eskridge was born and grew up in the small textile town of Kings Mountain, North Carolina in 1976. His earliest memories are finger painting in preschool and the various family pets. Eskridge was constantly drawing while growing up with his mother and siblings all being art and music makers. With a father as a veterinarian and an artist mother, Will’s affinity for animals and art began when he was in pre-school. Encouraged by his parents, he applied and was accepted into the Visual Arts program at the prestigious North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem (now University of North Carolina School of the Arts). He transferred to School of Visual Arts/Savannah and later earned his B.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from San Francisco Art Institute in 1999. Eskridge’s work is in both private and public collections in Athens, Atlanta, Raleigh, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, China, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and Switzerland. Will has roamed the southeast, setting up shop in Charleston, SC, Kings Mountain, NC and Nashville, TN settling on Athens, GA in 2006. He works as a full-time artist specializing in outcast animals like bats, opossums, raccoons, coyotes, and snakes in fun, bright colored environments. Eskridge resides in Athens, GA with his wife, their son, and their motley crew of dogs and cats. Along with art, Will also drums and plays guitar in various musical projects.

• 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
• Finished Puzzle Size: 19.25 x 26.625 inches
• Quality ESKA blueboard backing
• Matte Finish to reduce glare
• Recommended Age: 13+ Years