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About Us

Introducing Very Good Puzzle!

We know you love jigsaw puzzles, why else would you be here?! We are so happy that we've found each other.

After looking for unique, weird, artsy jigsaw puzzles high-and-low, we kept saying, "nobody makes the puzzles that we want". After realizing this one too many times, we decided that we HAD to do it for us AND YOU TOO!

About Us

Very Good Puzzle loves art. We look for artists that tell a story and hope to share their perspective with you through the practice of puzzling. Thank you for being a part of this with us. We hope you love what we're up to.

We operate from our hometown of Athens, Georgia. It’s a beautiful small community with broad, diverse sensibilities. We love puzzling and Art is everywhere here – so we combine these two passions. Our designs and photos are chosen from compelling Artists and Journalists. Our hope is to share their perspective to a broad audience through the practice of puzzling!