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Assisted Living Monthly Puzzle Pack

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* Pack of 1 x 48-piece, 1 x 100-piece, and 2 x 265-piece puzzles

* The perfect mix of puzzles for people living with early to mid-stages of dementia as well as Group Care Activity Programming.

* Thoughtfully designed with large puzzle pieces for people with dexterity difficulties.

* Unique designs are chosen from working artists in our Modern Contemporary Collection, Local Landmark puzzles or Museum Collection artwork. Our packaging also tells the story of the artwork and the artist!

* These illustrations have been created with vibrant colors to help with visual impairment.

* Designs are chosen to be generally challenging enough to provide cognitive stimulation and a sense of accomplishment without being overly complex or frustrating.

How it works:
* One puzzle pack delivered per month. Orders ship on the first business day of the month
* Subscription can be changed or cancelled at any time
* Enjoy the convenience of a well-curated puzzle collection being auto-shipped on a predictable schedule, at an affordable rate