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Senior Activity Programming Monthly 4-Puzzle Pack (FREE Shipping)

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  • Pack of 1 x 48-piece, 1 x 100-piece, and 2 x 252-piece puzzles
  • Additional 1 x 500-piece and/or 1 x 1000-piece puzzle add-on available
  • Four puzzle designs will be different and rotated every month. (You may see a design from a 48 piece used as a 252 piece at some point, but they won't ever duplicate as the same design/piece count.)    
  • The perfect mix of puzzles for people living with early to mid-stages of dementia as well as Group Care Activity Programming.
  • Thoughtfully designed with large puzzle pieces for people with dexterity difficulties.
  • Unique designs are chosen from artists in our Modern Contemporary Collection, Local Landmark puzzles or Museum Collection artwork.
  • Our packaging also tells the story of the artwork and the artist!
  • These illustrations have been chosen for their vibrant colors to help those with visual impairments.
  • Designs are chosen to be generally challenging enough to provide cognitive stimulation and a sense of accomplishment without being overly complex or frustrating.
  • Curated specifically for independent living, 55 and up adults, assisted-living, memory care, personal care homes, and nursing-homes 

How it works:

  • One puzzle pack delivered per month 
  • Billing automatically processes on the 25th day of each month
  • Orders ship by the 5th day of the month
  • First puzzle pack will be shipped by the 5th day of the following month  
  • Minimum opening subscription is for 3 months
  • After 3 month opening subscription, plan will automatically change to a month-to-month plan and can be canceled/changed at any time
  • Enjoy the convenience of a well-curated puzzle collection being auto-shipped on a predictable schedule, at an affordable rate