About Us

We operate from our hometown of Athens, Georgia. It’s a beautiful small community with broad, diverse sensibilities. We love puzzling and Art is everywhere here – so we combine these two passions. Our designs and photos are chosen from compelling

Product Philosophy

Our puzzles are printed with soy-based inks and made with recycled cardboard. Our durable, double-thick chip board results in fully interlocking pieces and assure that you’re putting together the best quality puzzle available.

We Heart Art

A percentage of the proceeds from your purchase of this Very Good Puzzle goes directly to the Artist and the Arts. Encourage Artists you love. Support Art you heart.

We believe a Very Good Puzzle tells a story.

So we choose designs and photos from compelling Artists and Journalists and we aim to share their perspective.

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It happened when the family was on vacation. We’d brought along a 3000 piece puzzle to put together over the week and started like always; flipping pieces, looking for edges, and sorting colors. A few weeks earlier, we’d taken in

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Art puzzles glued onto cardboard and placed in an affordable frame are great wall art! The puzzle lines add even more interest to the piece


OMG I’m freaking out! I only got into puzzles a few months ago and am so pumped for these!