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Daryl Dragon, Puzzle Cat
Daryl Dragon, Puzzle Cat

It happened when the family was on vacation. We’d brought along a 3000 piece puzzle to put together over the week and started like always; flipping pieces, looking for edges, and sorting colors.


A few weeks earlier, we’d taken in a little black kitten that was stranded inside an AC unit behind our local grocery store. It took us a few good hours to get him to come out! Originally, the plan was to put him up for adoption. So we set up a vet visit for the next day to get him healthy. However, within a few hours we turned to each other and said, “can we admit that this is our new kitty now?”


We named him after one Pag’s favorite childhood heroes…Daryl Dragon – one half of the 70’s super-duo, Captain and Tennille. He’s officially part of the crew!

That next week we had a getaway planned and knew that he’d need to travel with us to the mountain house we’d prepared to huddle up in for a solid week…our first time travelling with a cat kitten. So, we packed him up with all the toys we could find. The idea was to keep him occupied and tire him out as much as possible.

For the most part he was interested in everything. But, when he saw the beginnings of our puzzle sorting, something changed. He ran, dove and started swimming in the pieces! Of course, we initially protested, but he was having too much fun. This was Daryl’s puzzle now, and he spent hours batting, chasing and playing around in it. It was a real mess, but worth it. Now, whenever we setup a puzzle for us, we have to pull out one of our older puzzles and set it up for him! Otherwise, before we even see it coming, he’ll be free-styling in the pile of edge pieces!

From time to time, we hope to share photos and videos of Daryl’s antics with you. He’s a real charismatic little puzzler! Check back for more updates.