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Catechism: I Know Whom I Believed by Sara Machen Fogle - 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

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Sara Machen Fogle's series Catechism pulls from traditional Catholic iconography to depict a pervasive, modern-day icon, the cat. The Catechism series explores our relationship between those two. In "Catechism: I Know Whom I Believed" (crayon, marker, and gel pen on paper, 8" x 10.5", 2019) we see a haloed Sphynx draped in robes adorned with gold. Behind her is a tumultuous sky but we see just a bit of blue where the storm is breaking.

Sara is a lifelong artist, a tattoo artist by trade, an animal lover, and a fan of whimsy and fantasy. She attempts to combine these loves in her art. She primarily works with crayon (colored pencil), markers, and gel pens. At her tattoo studio in Athens, Georgia - Sara specializes in realism and portraiture.  Of course, animals are her favorite subject.