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Downtown Atlanta in Rainbow by Jamie Calkin - 100 piece jigsaw puzzle

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Downtown Atlanta has a history that dates back to 1826, when surveyors began looking for a possible canal route between Chattanooga, TN and (then State capitol) Milledgeville, GA. By 1836, the state-financed Western and Atlantic Railroad, linking the middle of Georgia to the other states north and west, was granted a charter by the legislature. As a result, a town named Terminus, named for the end of the railroad line, was founded in 1837 in what is now Downtown Atlanta.

Terminus received a name change in 1842 when the town's thirty citizens voted to change the name to Marthasville in honor of then Governor Lumpkin's daughter, Martha. However by 1845 the chief engineer of the Georgia Railroad proposed that Marthasville's name be changed, suggesting "Atlantica-Pacifica,"which was quickly shortened to "Atlanta". Governor Lumpkin seems to have supported the change, revealing that Martha's middle name was "Atalanta". Atlanta was incorporated in 1847.

Originally a watercolor painting on 100% silk, Downtown Atlanta in Rainbow, features Jamie Calkin's signature style - vibrant colors against a white background with loose black ink outlines.

If you keep up with Calkin's work you may notice a tendency to do versions of scenes "in rainbow". Jamie explains, “I like doing these for two reasons. First, because boy it looks good in water color! My art style is nothing if not bright! And second, to be an LGBTQ Ally and celebrate pride! I think it’s especially important to spread love through this image as a religious person in the South. Love is love, and rainbows are pretty".

A "mostly self-taught artist" (his words), Calkin began selling his playful renditions of Athens landmarks in 2001 - and today, expands to all of Georgia and beyond, painting scenes from other schools, cities, and various special locations, bringing local surroundings to life.

• 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle in cotton bag w/ VGP Travel Card
• Finished Puzzle Size: 11" x 16"
• Puzzle pieces on quality blueboard backing
• Matte Finish to reduce glare
• Recommended Age: 13+ Years