Vernon Thornsberry is sharing his visual narrative with Very Good Puzzle

artist signed Vernon Thornsberry

Vernon Thornsberry paints what he sees daily. Now we get to share that point of view with a Very Good Puzzle.

Beyond just painting what he sees, Vernon is a visual narrator. – "I like to tell stories. I like to take the foreground or the subject up front and make you look beyond it...and when you look over it you are looking into a story", he explains. "So, it's real but it's also imaginary."

Although Thornsberry is largely self-taught, early in his artistic life, noted photographer and artist George Dureau mentored and supported him in the formidable mosaic that is New Orleans, Louisiana. These days, Vernon is a force of nature and a steady presence in Athens, GA.

We are excited that Vernon is going to be a part of this with us and can't wait to pour over his work as a jigsaw puzzle!

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