Our first artist, Athens' own Lou Kregel, has signed on with Very Good Puzzle - this is happening!

artist signed Lou Kregel

We are excited to let the world know that we're doing this...Very Good Puzzle is happening! 

When we first started talking about combining two of our passions, art and jigsaw puzzles, Lou Kregel was the first person we thought of. We've known Lou for years and have always appreciated Lou's art AND her perspective on getting it out into the world. We knew that she'd be able to give us pointers on how these things work (or don't work) for artists. 

We started with "the idea" - making puzzles from modern contemporary artists and sharing their perspective as far and wide as we can. Lou stopped us right then and there, "I get it, let's do this". 

Wow. We are so excited that Lou sees what we see. So, we're happy to announce that we've signed Lou up to make 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles from her designs!

Lou Kregel is a designer, and a sign painter, and runs a homewares company in Athens, GA where she covers the town in chrysanthemum flower murals. To see more from her, check out her website at loukregel.com.

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