Lisa Freeman brings her thought-provoking work to Very Good Puzzle

artist signed Lisa Freeman modern contemporary art

Lisa Freeman and her art is dynamic, and her voice often tells the story of forgotten, mostly discarded children. Her work can only be ignored as a denial of life in this world as it is and not as it's typically romanticized it to be.

We're honored that Lisa has signed on with Very Good Puzzle to share her perspective. 

In her canvas series (Lisa is also a well-recognized assemblage artist) she focuses on youthful, yet tired faces. “Children are not seen as full people,” Freeman said. ”(These children) are demanding that you look at them.”  

Full of symbolism and mystery, Lisa's work allows the viewer to pen her own story for the children. No matter what tale emerges from the paintings, Freeman is making sure it gets told.

Her art inspires you to focus on the uncomfortable, accept the undetermined, and embrace the unknown - and Very Good Puzzle is excited to see these images as our most recent addition to the Modern Contemporary Collection. 

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